Stoppage of trains .. Request for restoration


Prime Time Zone, Judges: The corona virus has invaded all systems. Right now the situation is changing somewhat. While other sectors are improving, there is no change in the railway sector. It is learned that the Union government had recently announced in Parliament that several railway stations across the country were being closed due to lack of expected revenue. The 9 Passenger, which runs through the joint Palamuru district in this order, is not running. Those who rely on these are in serious trouble.

From Gadwala, Vanaparthi, Mahabubnagar, Jadcharla and Shadnagar in the joint district, 10,000 trains ply regularly. From here, 9 passenger trains ply from Secunderabad, Kachiguda, Shadnagar, Jadcharla, Mahabubnagar to Guntur, Don, Kurnool, Guntakal and Raichur. Also run by Tungabhadra, Jaipur, Yeshwantpur Dharmavaram, Express. Goods only canceled passenger trains at Lockdown and ran them. Only three express trains are running for those who travel long distances for two months. They also do not play at the joint district main stations.

Half the money is for travel ..

From Gadwala to Kottur, the local people go to Hyderabad and work as jobs, businesses and laborers. Others go to sell vegetables and fruits. Thousands of people regularly visit Kurnool from Gadwala and Vanaparthi districts. A seasonal rail pass of up to 150 km to travel on trains costs between Rs 350 and Rs 350 per month. Costs up to 500. Traveling from Jatchar to Kachiguda costs Rs 25 for a passenger train and Rs 45 for an express train. Traveling by the same bus from Jatchar to Hyderabad costs Rs.100. As passenger trains do not stop, going by bus costs more than Rs 5,000 per month. Here they are voicing that half of the revenue goes to bus fares. Many families have been stranded on the streets for ten months due to inability to travel by bus. Wanting to restore passenger trains.

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