Strange custom in Uttar Pradesh .. Women crushing men during Holi celebrations ..


Holi 2021: India is a melting pot of different cultures. Each state is unique. One language in one area, one in one place ..

Lathmar Holi Celebrations

Holi 2021: India is a melting pot of different cultures. Each state is unique. One language in one area, one attire in one place. Not to mention that pages have to be written pages. There are different cultures and traditions in different parts of the country. But even if their intention is for good .. some customs and traditions are strange. Now we are going to talk about something like that. Tell me who do not like Holi festival? Celebrate Holi wonderfully with friends and family. Holi art has arrived in the country now. Last year, due to the corona, people were confined to their homes. This time, they are preparing to celebrate Holi. With Holi coming up in a few days .. Holi festivities have just started in some parts of the country. Holi celebrations begin in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. However, in Barsana in Mathura district, people celebrate ‘Latmar Holi’ before Holi. However these celebrations are a bit different. Like everyone else the stage is lit up with joy.

The males then beat the males with sticks. At that point the males block one another with a sledgehammer-like object to prevent them from being hit. The females then stick a stick on it. However, it is their custom. Their belief is that doing so will eradicate evil and bring good to all. People there say that this custom has been around for years. They seem to be pursuing it themselves. Meanwhile, a video related to the ‘Latmar Holi’ celebrations is now going viral on social media. Netizens are making funny comments on this. ‘Women should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that is available once a year. Beat the men hard ‘, a netizen commented .. How can you forget to follow the social distance if the original corona is spreading? Others are questioning that. Another netizen commented that unlike men, hit the corona. Like, the amount of comments for that video is ringing. Make that video yourself too late for anything else.

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