Tamilnadu Politics: Dinakaran Uturn in special court .. now nervous about Chinnamma’s strategy – Tamilnadu Politics taking interesting turn


Politics in Tamil Nadu is changing day by day and becoming interesting. Shashikala, who wanted to mature Anna DMK party after Jayalalithaa’s death, and her close friend TTK Dinakaran


Tamilnadu Politics taking interesting turn: Politics in Tamil Nadu is changing day by day and becoming interesting. Shashikala, who wanted to mature over the Anna DMK party after Jayalalithaa’s death, and her close associate TTK Dinakaran are making politics interesting with shocking decisions over time. Anna’s grandmother, who has just returned from jail, thinks that she can easily take the reins of the DMK. On the contrary, she took sanity from politics when small attempts failed. Dinakaran, who had recently filed a petition in the court alleging that the newly formed Coordinating Committee on Anna DMK was not valid, surprised everyone by withdrawing the petition. Dinakaran told the court that he was withdrawing the petition he had filed earlier and was withdrawing from the case altogether.

After Jayalalithaa’s death, Shashikala, who had tried to hold on to the Anna DMK party, declared himself the party’s general secretary (Jayalalithaa status). Since 2017 she has been desperately trying to hold on to the party. However, Panniru Selvam and Falaniswamy Chinnamma, who were not very strong at the time, could not completely thwart the efforts. It was during this period that TTK Dinakaran took over the post of Deputy General Secretary of the AIADMK as Shashikala’s representative. However, the anticipation of Panniru Selvam and Phalani Swami paid off with Shashikala going to jail. The two came to an agreement as to whether Chinnamma had gone to jail like that. Gaining control of the party, Chinnamma began to shrink the number of followers in the party. It was during this sequence that Sasikala and Dinakaran were expelled from the party. Party bylaws changed. The chief secretary resigned. A supreme decision-making committee was set up under the name of Coordinating Committee. Shashikala and Dinakaran went to court against the formation of this committee.

After serving four years in jail, Shashikala was released and stayed in Bangalore for a few days. After that, he reached Chennai city with great joy. Everyone who saw her coming to Chennai thought that Chinnamma’s ambition was to grab the reins of Anna DMK. But the OPS-EPS duo did not give it a chance. The two showed more coordination .. Checked for the younger category. The OPS-EPS duo, who also used the BJP strategically, persuaded Chinnamma to take political sanity. The OPS-EPS duo also checked the Dinakaran batch who indirectly wanted to get tickets in the BJP quota. At one stage, even though Panniru Selvam was away from the meetings, Chief Minister Phalani Swamy included him in his own style and said that there was no rivalry between the two.

If so .. Chinnamma, who claims to be the General Secretary of the AIADMK, and Dinakaran, who claims to be the Deputy General Secretary, have been hearing the petition in the Madras High Court for the last three years. The case is being re-assigned to another court. At the same time, AnnaDMK Coordinating Committee Convener Panniruselvam, Co-Convener Palaniswami and Presidium Chairman Madhusudhanan filed a writ petition in the special court seeking dismissal of the petition. On Monday (March 15), all the petitions came up for hearing before a special court and lawyers for Dinakaran appeared. Dinakaran announced that the petition would be withdrawn. To this end, a letter was handed over in a special court on behalf of Dinakaran.

In it, he (Dinakaran) explained that he had set up Amma Makkal Munnetra Kalagam and was acting as the General Secretary of the party. In view of this, Dinakaran clarified that he was withdrawing the petition filed by him on the affairs of the AIADMK and was withdrawing from the case. Dinakaran said he could not try to dominate the other party as he had formed the party himself. The judge also indirectly questioned Shashikala’s approach that there was another petitioner in the case. The judge adjourned the hearing of the petition to the same day, stating that Shashikala, another petitioner in the case, should inform the court of his decision by April 9.

However, Tamil political scholars predict that there is a huge future strategy behind Shashikala’s political asceticism. Political analysts have speculated that her decision to resign from the party was prompted by a wait-and-see attitude as she could not take control of the OPS-EPS as she was released from jail a few days before the Assembly elections. In addition, Anna seems to have taken political sanity after BJP leader Amit Shah warned Chinnamma that any attempt to weaken the DMK would ultimately benefit the DMK. Amit Shah is said to have called Dinakaran and sent the message to Mari Chinnamma as part of his Chennai tour.

But political analysts predict that Shashikala will respond positively to the BJP’s message, according to another strategy here. They are of the view that Chinnamma declared political sanity because she felt that the defeat of the ruling Anna DMK in the current elections was certain. Chinnamma hopes that if she loses the election and joins the opposition, then it will be easier to put pressure on the OPS-EPS. It is said that a strong leader like Chinnamma had to become the leader of the party in order to confront an iconic leader like Stalin in the Opposition, and then Chinnamma temporarily took sanity because he thought that both the OPS-EPS would get in the way. Political analysts believe that Sasikala, who has been out of power for almost a decade and was insulted by the Anna DMK, has once again taken the reins of power.