Team India must crack strategies: Labushen


Prime Time Zone, Sports: Boxing Day rebounded exceptionally well after a crushing defeat in the first Test of the tour of Australia. Captain Ajinkya Rahane not only utilizes the bowlers effectively but also deploys the fielders with a special strategy to get the Aussie batsman out. He was particularly successful in deploying fielders toward the leg site to get rid of players like Steve Smith, Labushen, Pine and Burns. Most of the fielders were stopped onside .. He also bowled with the bowlers to hit the ball. This made it difficult for the Aussie batsmen to score runs. They dared to play shots and took wickets together.

Aussie batsman Labushen says Team India must break this leg-side strategy. He believes it will become difficult to score runs if this strategy is not resolved in the third Test. Labushen says that even batsmen like Steve Smith could have been overthrown if Team India had come on the field. Labushen is hopeful that Smith will get out of the trap soon and regain form, and that with the arrival of David Warner his batting strength will increase and he will be able to compete harder.

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