Tehsildar transfer .. before the hand of the mayor?


Prime Time Zone, Telangana Bureau: The code of conduct came into force as soon as the MLC election schedules were released. There will be a ban on transfers of government personnel during this time. However, CCLA Rangareddy transferred Sheikhpet tehsildar of the district Srinivasareddy. He was replaced by Venkatareddy of Hyderabad district. Now this has become controversial. The sudden issuance of orders on Saturday night has become the talk of the town despite the provision that transfers will not take place after the Electoral Code comes into force.

The Revenue Job Unions are incensed that the transfer orders were issued suddenly under the pressure of higher authorities and public representatives and that the government had taken a decision contrary to the regulations. It is alleged that the government took the transfer decision without the approval of the Central Election Commission (CEC) after announcing the election schedule for the post of graduate MLC in Hyderabad-Rangareddy-Mahabubnagar districts.

Is the dispute with the mayor the cause?

Gadwala Vijayalakshmi Sheikhpet, who was elected GHMC mayor two days ago, lodged a complaint against the tehsildar at the police station on May 20. Tehsildar Srinivasareddy also lodged a complaint against her at the same station. Srinivasareddy told the media on the 20th of last month that Vijayalakshmi had spoken to him on the phone about the income certificate and told him not to give the certificate. Vijayalakshmi, who was then a corporator, told the media that he had called to speak on the complaints received regarding the implementation of the Kalyana Lakshmi scheme. Srinivasareddy explained that the phone was cut off after he got into an argument with her on the phone. Srinivasareddy said that Gadwala Vijayalakshmi phoned him twice as he had to attend the court but he did not pick up and finally came to the office with her followers and prevented him from going out and disrupted the duty.

Transfer hunting after becoming mayor

Vijayalakshmi, who was only a corporator at the time of the controversy, is now the mayor and will be transferred within two days. The issuance of transfer orders by the Chief Secretary has become a topic of discussion among the Revenue staff, despite certain sub-clauses in Code of Conduct 19.4.1 stating that transfers should not take place when there is an election code. Allegations abound that the mayor has now put pressure on the government to issue transfer orders in the wake of last month’s clash.

Not in my notice: Chief of State Elections

It has not come to my notice that the Sheikhpet tehsildar has been transferred by the state government or another has been appointed to those posts. There is also no information from the state government. I did not even receive the transfer orders. I have no information as to whom and from where they were transferred. The issue of transfers should come to my attention when there is an election code. But I have not said now without seeing under what circumstances those orders came into being. After receiving those orders from me on Monday I will be able to look at them and explain clearly. I can’t even comment right now on what to do next. I only found out through the news that the transfer had taken place. No official information has been received. I will be able to make a decision on what to do after Monday.

We will take the transfer seriously: Teresa leaders

We condemn the order to transfer Sheikhpet Tehsildar Srinivas Reddy inadvertently and issue orders to report to CCLA without giving posting. It is suspected that there is some pressure behind this. Let’s take this matter seriously. We are serving the people by working as per the orders of the Chief Minister. The developments taking place in this branch are seriously uniting us. Recently Naib Tehsildars were promoted as Tehsildars. The method was not followed in the allocation. Those who have been selected by Group-2 and completed the training are still not given postings. The posts of District Revenue Officers have not been filled either. The promotions were not completed as ordered by the CM. But the transfer order came on a whim. We will contact the government on this.

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