Ten facts (and controversies) that marked BBB 21


Quarrels, controversies, romances, many tears, serious discussions (and others not so much), striking characters. O BBB 21, whose winner will be known this Tuesday, 4, – Juliette, Camilla or Fiuk – delivered to the viewer everything that is expected of a reality show.

Big dos Bigs, with a record number of 20 participants and 100 days of confinement, earned a lot of money from advertising: even before the premiere, the forecast was a turnover of R $ 550 million for TV Globo, 50% more than the previous edition. In the last episodes, the commercial interval of the program cost more than R $ 500 thousand.

But, for the viewer, it doesn’t matter the size of the revenue, but the entertainment it provides. That is why, we gathered here 10 facts that marked this edition of the program.

Cancellation culture

An agenda was discussed from the first days of the program: the culture of cancellation. Popcorn and Camarote did not hide their fear of being judged by the internet court and canceled when they left the reality show. The subject was even the subject of one of the edition’s Discord Games.

This did not, however, prevent the participants themselves from “canceling” a cast member in the first few weeks. The treatment given by the brothers to Lucas Penteado revolted the viewer – and made Lucas, even giving up on the program and being the second member to leave, after Kerline, gain the admiration of the public and advertising contracts.

Bounce records

Before BBB 21, the record holder for rejection on a BBB triple wall was Patrícia Leitte (BBB 18), with 94.26% of the votes. Patrícia was surpassed three times in this edition alone. The first time was by Nego Di (98.76%) – Patrícia even played with the fact, giving him the crown virtually after the elimination.

But the reign of the gaucho comedian was short-lived: he was soon overcome by Karol Conká, who had 99.17% of the votes received. Viih Tube came out with 96.69% and entered the top 3 rejections. Even without breaking records, Projota was also eliminated with a high rejection of 91.89%.

Some kisses, few romances

Pursuits among the participants were common in the edition, but there were no great novels in this edition. Arthur and Carla Diaz lived a troubled relationship, which did not emerge with the public – the actress’ declaration of love on her knees on the return of the false wall with a “Departed” in response made the viewer suffer from the shame of others.

Thaís and Fiuk kissed, but the relationship went no further and the two did not become a couple. Arcrebiano – who prefers to be called Bill, although the public really likes to call him Arcrebiano – and Karol Conká kissed, but the romance not only did not engage but also generated friction and embarrassment (inside and outside the house).

The kiss that really won the audience was between Gil and Lucas. But the brothers doubted Lucas’ intentions and bisexuality. The fact was the trigger for the actor to ask to leave the program, after days of disagreements with the brothers.