Testimony by Daiane dos Santos about Rebeca’s medal moves the web; Look


The testimony of former gymnast Daiane dos Santos about the silver medal won by Rebeca Andrade at 2021 Olympics moved the web this Thursday (29). Santos highlighted the importance of achievement in sports for black women throughout Brazil.

“It’s not athletics, it’s artistic gymnastics. For a long time they said that black people couldn’t be gymnasts, that black people couldn’t do some sports, and having the first medal for a black girl, there’s a very big representation behind that.”, said Santos, in a conversation with narrator Galvão Bueno, during the live broadcast by Rede Globo.

See an excerpt of the speech, reproduced on Twitter.

In addition to the medal, Daiane dos Santos’ speech went viral on Twitter and entered the most talked about topics on the social network this morning.