The 5 best movies and series streaming this weekend


With the weekend coming up, it’s time to distract your head with the new releases from the streamings. Among this week’s highlights are the documentaries “My Love: Six True Love Stories” (Netflix), which interviews longtime couples around the world (including Brazil) and “A Corrida das Vacinas” (Globoplay), which shows behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical industry in the search for a solution against covid-19.

Check below the selection of Casual EXAME to enjoy the weekend without having to spend hours zapping in front of the TV. 😉

My Love: Six True Love Stories (Netflix)

In the Korean series “My Love: Six True Love Stories”, director Jin Moyoung expands the acclaimed documentary “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” to the world. For a year, filmmakers from six different countries accompany elderly couples who have been together for a long time. From the Korean coast to a slum in Rio de Janeiro, from the suburbs of Tokyo to rural India, from Spain to the USA, these couples tell the stories and secrets of love for life.

Radioactive (Netflix)

The fact that she is one of the few female scientists in the early twentieth century already makes Marie Curie a more than interesting character. But beyond that, to this day she was the only woman to win the Nobel Prize twice – and in two different areas of knowledge, chemistry and physics. The film-biography that hits Netflix this week portrays the pioneering nature of Curie’s research on redioactivity, and his partnership in love and science with physicist Pierre Curie, who shared one of the Nobles with Marie.

Ma (Amazon Prime Video)

Starring Octavia Spencer (from “Stars Beyond Time”), Ma is a psychological thriller and horror film from those who catch us in front of the TV right off the bat. In it, Spencer is Sue Ann, a lonely housewife who falls in love with some young people from her city by asking them to drink and have fun in the basement of her house. Above all suspicion, Sue’s hospitality plunges into exaggeration, making the teenagers’ safe and unpretentious ride a terrifying nightmare.

If Beale Street Could Talk (Amazon Prime Video)

Fonny (Stephan James) and Tish (KiKi Layne) are a black couple from Harlem who see their relationship bad after Fonny was wrongly accused of raping a Puerto Rican woman. The maneuvers of a racist police officer keep the boy in jail, while Tish secretly waits for his son and struggles to get him out of jail. Released in 2018, the film won an Oscar in 2019 (Best Supporting Actress for Regina King) and arrives on Amazon this week.

The Vaccine Race (Globoplay)

Exhibited to the BBB brothers in the leader’s last cinema, Globoplay’s new documentary series shows the visit of reporter Álvaro Pereira Jr. to two pharmaceutical innovation centers in Russia and India, who were already moving worlds and backgrounds at the beginning of the pandemic to find a vaccine against covid-19. The reporter also tried to go to China, but failed – still, the series shows interviews and images made by Chinese producers. In total, there will be five episodes, released weekly on Globoplay.