The bride-to-be is white, attending a wedding at sea and scuba diving sessions. Tamilnadu Engineer couple ties the knot underwater – 4.5 km from the coast


Kalyanamidi in the sea. Both are software engineers .. decided to get married. But if you want to have a simple marriage, what do you want to have fun?

Kalyanamidi in the sea. Both are software engineers .. decided to get married. However, if the marriage is simple, what do you want to have fun .. Kadali married in the womb together. United with three thorns to witness marine life. But there is a good message behind this. Shweta from Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu and Chinnadurai from Thiruvannamalai are both IT professionals .. decided to get married. However they planned their wedding to be innovative. Simultaneously decided to get married in the womb of the sea. Proceeded as late as expected.

Chinnadurai, the groom, made three jumps as a witness to the fish in the sea. When the sound of the waves in the sea turned into a Martian instrument .. the bride and groom were united. They got married on the shores of Neelankarai near Coimbatore. The marriage took place in the womb 4.5 km off the coast. However, the idea of ​​getting married at sea, the bride and groom did a great deal of exercise from the close.

Groom Chinnadurai has known scuba diving for 12 years. But the bride is new to white. With this, Shweta attended scuba diving sessions for a few days. Learned how to suffocate most of the time in the water. After completing the training, they decided to get married. They remained in the water for about 45 minutes. But there is also a good message in getting married on the edge of the sea. The couple says they got married to give people the message that they do not pollute the environment and do not use plastic that can damage the puddle.