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The choice of currencies for Lisbon (and Marcelo’s influence in the PSD)


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Rui Rio and Carlos Moedas

Rui Rio was forced to confirm the name of Carlos Moedas as PSD candidate for the Lisbon Chamber after there was a leak of information to the press. And there are those who speculate that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa may be behind it after having moved behind the scenes in favor of the candidacy of Coins.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa got into the process, “as he gets into everything”, and has been “Restless and restless” with the municipal elections, reveals to Rádio Renascença (RR) a knowledgeable source of the process.

“THE President had conversations and made phone calls, mobilizing whoever was able to help convince ”Carlos Moedas to accept the challenge of leading the PSD’s candidacy to the Lisbon Chamber, maintains the same source.

RR points out that Marcelo has long believed that Currencies is “the future” of the PSD and, therefore, the President of the Republic will have mobilized to place him in a prominent place in the next municipalities.

“The Coins candidacy to the Lisbon Chamber responds to some of Marcelo’s and most of the right and relieves pressure on Rui Rio“, Also analyzes a source cited by the same Radio.

Marcelo needs a better center-right and for a President it is evident that any stronger name on the part of PSD satisfies him ”, highlights another source heard by RR.

PSD challenged Portas, but this one refused

The Renaissance also found that PSD invited Paulo Portas to lead a coalition candidacy with the CDS in Lisbon. The ex-leader of the popular still swayed, but preferred to “reserve”, at least for now, stresses the season.

When confirming Moedas as a candidate, Rui Rio acknowledged that “there were several possible solutions”, but also stressed that he always believed that Moedas was “the best solution that PSD had to present to the citizens of Lisbon ”.

“This consideration has been made for some time now,” said the PSD’s president, admitting, however, that “there was enormous pressure and enormous speculation ”and that, therefore, the PSD decided to“ speed up the decision ”.

In fact, there will have been an information leak of Coins candidacy for the media, which precipitated Rio to confirm the former European commissioner as PSD candidate.

Marcelo will have denied any responsibility due to the leak of information and the Renaissance admits that the fact that Moedas, who is the administrator of the Gulbenkian Foundation, asked the employer if he could keep the place if he lost the elections, would have reached journalists.

Former Secretary of State for Passos Coelho is responsible for negotiations with the Troika “Had a few weeks to think” and ended up accepting to “test whether he is a politician or a technician”, reveals to Renascença a person who accompanied Moedas in the decision-making process.

What is certain is that if he has a good electoral result, Moedas may even dream of bigger flights and become a threat to Rio’s leadership in the PSD.



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