The driver was crushed that the cart did not stop at the said place .. He was kicked in the boot .. Respondent SP ..


Here you are … Stop the cart where the police stopped … otherwise you will miss the beat puja. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Police have cracked down on a bolero driver in Sangareddy district …

Police Beats Van Driver

Here you are… Stop the cart where the police have stopped… otherwise you will be beaten. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. The incident of police brutality against a Bolero driver in Sangareddy district is now going viral. Don’t worry about not stopping the vehicle. The boots were beaten with clubs and sticks .. Labodibomani was beaten without being heard. The video provoked by the Sadashivpeth police is now going tribal viral.

Wajid Bolero of Sadashivpeth drives the vehicle. Police are checking vehicles at Ayyappa Swamy Gudi on their way to Singur for hire. Police stopped the cart on the main road. Suddenly the driver, unable to stop, stepped forward and stopped. The enraged constable crushed him with a stick in his hand. The constable did not stop there and kicked the whores with his bare feet. He was wounded by stick blows. Police officials say Owaipu is a friendly police state, but have been criticized for not enforcing it at the grassroots level.

Sangareddy district SP Chandrasekhar Reddy responded to the incident. In Sadashivpeth, police said it was not right to attack driver Javid. Constable Rams and Home Guard have already suspended Balaraju, saying there is no tolerance for perpetrators of such incidents. It was also revealed that ASI Durgayya, who was present at the time of the incident, had attached Constable Prasad to the headquarters.

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