The future of the 28 defendants of Operation Marquis is already outlined – ZAP


Mário Cruz / Lusa

Judge Ivo Rosa

The future of the 28 defendants of Operation Marquis, including that of former Prime Minister José Sócrates and that of banker Ricardo Salgado, has been decided.

A judicial source Express that only the judge Ivo Rosa is aware of the instructional decision, which took eight months to analyze the evidence collected by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MP) and the arguments presented by the defendants’ defense to decide who is going to trial and for what crimes.

The document will have a minimum of four thousand pages and is being finalized. Prosecutor Rosário Teixeira’s charge is 4,083 pages, a number that, according to the weekly, should be beaten by this order from Ivo Rosa.

The decision will only be communicated at the end of the state of emergency, as soon as the courts return to normal operation and allow non-urgent acts to be carried out.

The eight months between the end of the instructive debate and the decision of the judge is a period that is being interpreted by some as an indicator that Ivo Rosa will not pronounce the defendants in the exact terms of the indictment, which would not be a complete surprise.

“It would be a surprise if the pronunciation were the same as the accusation,” one of the lawyers for the lawsuit told the morning man.

The question lies in whether, for example, Socrates will go to trial and, if so, whether he is tried for the crime of corruption, the most serious of which is attributed to him, or whether he will answer only for less serious crimes, such as tax evasion. and bleaching.

“If the prosecution drops, it doesn’t mean that other crimes, namely tax fraud and money laundering, will fall. They are independent crimes“, Explained the same lawyer.

The former prime minister, who has already been in pre-trial detention, is accused of 31 crimes of passive corruption of a politician, money laundering, forgery of documents and qualified tax fraud. Zeinal Bava, Carlos Santos Silva, Ricardo Salgado, Armando Vara are other defendants.