The giant lizard that swallowed the monkey abruptly.! Ollugagurpodiche video .. Nettintlo viral.!


Komodo Dragon Scary Video: Once upon a time there were a lot of dinosaur giant lizards on this earth. The whole planet has a huge body.

Komodo Dragon Scary Video: Once upon a time there were a lot of giant lizards called dinosaurs on this earth. Researchers have also concluded that the giant lizards, which have a huge body all over the planet, were highly migratory. Numerous pieces of evidence have also been found to prove their existence. Based on them, he did research and said that the existence of giant lizards is real. However, due to changes in the earth’s climate over time, storms and earthquakes, most of these giant lizards became extinct.

These monster lizards, which are currently in very small numbers, are known as monitor lizards. Also they are very strong and have a huge body. Their tongue is long. Saliva is highly toxic due to the presence of twenty types of bacteria in their saliva. If so .. have you ever seen a Komodo dragon hunting this giant lizard species? Be sure to watch this video. In it, a monkey fights with a Komodo dragon. In the end of this fierce fight, the giant lizard swallowed the monkey. This video is old but has now gone viral on social media. Why are you late? Take a look at it too

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