The mother elephant who was hit by a baby elephant .. called the zoo staff ..!


Viral Video: Mother’s love is unforgettable .. will not be .. This fact has been proved many times, many times. Mother love is for human beings ..

Viral Video: Mother’s love is unforgettable .. will not be .. This fact has been proved many, many times. Mother love is not limited to human beings. It applies to all living beings. Whether human, animal or bird .. there is no change in the love of any other mother. The most recent incident took place at a ‘zoo’ in Paraguay. What actually happened .. A video of an elephant calf in a ‘zoo’ in Paraguay is going viral on social media. The mother elephant is very worried as the baby elephant has not slept for a long time. She immediately approached the zoo staff and brought them to her baby. They looked at the baby elephant and woke him up. The baby elephant woke up again .. saw its mother and ran towards it. With that, the mother elephant jumped. The baby elephant with the tusk was lovingly approached.

The video was posted on Twitter by Indian Forest Officer Ramesh Pandey. This video is currently impressing netizens. The fact of the matter is that the baby elephant was tired of playing all day .. so sleepless. So long as it did not wake up. The mother elephant was very tense about what happened to her baby and tried to wake her baby. The mother elephant hit it with its trunk but the baby elephant remained asleep. With that the mother brought the elephant zoo staff there. When they finally woke up the little elephant made a noise in the zoo as usual.

Elephant Viral Video:

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