The old scarf … I changed your look


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: The girls think that she will get a good look with her dress no matter what. That is why the first priority is given to their dressing. No matter how many new clothes .. they add new beauties to the old dresses of their choice and put it on. Even if it runs the same trend right now. Giving new beauties to old clothes .. Today’s generation of girls are accustomed to the new fashion. If a new model comes into the market, it is enough to buy what was bought yesterday.

fation 2 The old scarf ... I changed your look

Many of the dresses they pick up at such times fall into the wardrobe. It is mostly chunky. However, the chudidars and anarkali worn by the girls are faded in color but their chunnies shine like freshly bought ones. Saying so does not put them aside. They are bringing new beauties into the market.

nnnnn The old scarf ... I changed your look

Do you want variety with many chunnies ..! Yes with our old chunky we can change the ones that are in good colors into neck pieces and scarves. We can also change them into modern handbags. Beautiful, attractive pouches can be made with old Banarasi Chunni. Young women say that there should be no such thing as useless clothing. In any case, is it wrong to adapt to the trend?

hariharaestates The old scarf ... I changed your look

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