The only crop in the district .. Fixed center


Prime Time Zone, Karimnagar City: The central government has stepped in to revive agriculture in these days when agriculture is becoming burdensome in the face of increased investment and declining yields. Preparations are underway to further strengthen the agricultural sector by supporting farmers who are suffering losses by cultivating desirable crops. Has issued guidelines to focus on the cultivation of specific crops, which are part of the new agricultural laws, from now on.

Seed Calendar ..

The Seed Calendar has been released, directing the cultivation of crops by district. Accordingly, it seems that the authorities have already added the calendar of crop details to be cultivated in the respective districts to the district authorities as the agri seeds are to be released into the market. Officials are working to implement the Prime Minister’s Micro Food Processing Enterprises Scheme from next monsoon in order to help farmers who have suffered heavy losses and double their income.

The only crop in the district ..

Encouraging farmers to plant a single crop in a district, preparations are being made to provide the necessary farm machinery for mechanized cultivation. The districts have also received a list of specific crops to be cultivated based on the type of land, topsoil and water availability in the area. In Karimnagar and Peddapalli districts, paddy cultivation, mango orchards in Jagittala and fish farming in Sirisilla have been suggested and the authorities have already started the exercise to implement it from next season.

Food processing units ..

Authorities say they are planning to set up food processing units in the districts to cater to the crops grown. Food processing units are already in operation in Karimnagar and Peddapalli districts to cater to the growing rice crop. The new fish farming industries in Sirisilla district will be similar to the mango orchards in Jagittala district. According to the authority, district-wise cultivation of crops will help in the development of local markets, setting up of processing plants locally and providing employment to unemployed youth. Agriculture officials say that with the establishment of allied industries, farmers will be able to go to faraway places and sell their produce, which will reduce the burden on them.