Tick ​​Tucker‌ Harvested Grocery Shop Diary!


Prime Time Zone, Features: Whose madness is a pleasure for them .. If some are mad to eat good food .. Others go to malls and buy dresses that are in line with the trend and enjoy the madness. Others like to go to stores like Spencers and Demart in the evening and buy groceries and vegetables. A similar interest popularized a US-based ticker. As Tick Tucker went to the thrift store to pick up the goods as usual, he came across a diary from 1957. I don’t know where it came from or how it came to be but this diary has brought a lot of followers worldwide to Tick Talker.

Nellie is a housewife from Okhlama, South Central US. Do you know what’s in a diary written in 1957? He aroused the interest of his Tic Tac Toe followers. ‘Other World Design’ is his tic-tac-toe account name. He gave an introduction about the diary to increase followers’ attention. Are you ready to find out what housewife life was like in 1957? He increased the excitement. They started posting one page from that diary once a week or fortnightly. As it was a short diary, she used to write an interesting thing that happened all day with just a few words. It was also liked by the followers. The ‘Other World Design’ tick tick channel became full popular as they shared those screen shots on their tick talk pages. So far only ten videos related to the diary have been shared on this channel. It is trending with 8.2 million collective views, 1.2 million likes and 2 lakh views.


Do you know what Tick Talker shared in those ten videos so far? ‘Did nothing all day but ate well’, ‘Winnie called me for dinner but did not go with interest’, ‘Nothing to do today I took some flies for the lizard, did some patchwork’, ‘Today was a colorful wedding .. It’s all just as beautiful. Batten, Amelia Jackson Singers’, describes’ how three friends who went for a ride in the woods were frightened to see a fox ‘. On the Nellie New Mexico trip, the price of coffee was 31 cents (currently $ 2.90) and the meal was only 55 cents (currently $ 5.15). Safe Way, T.G. While the diary is also about retailers like FYI .. the supermarket company ‘Safe Way’ is still around the world. TG, a Variety store in Oklahoma at the time, closed in 2001.

hariharaestates Tick ​​Tucker‌ Harvested Grocery Shop Diary!

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Prime Time Zone Career Tick ​​Tucker‌ Harvested Grocery Shop Diary!

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