Tough decisions if negotiations fail on 4th: Farmers’ unions


New Delhi: Concerned farmers along the Delhi border have warned that tough decisions will be taken if the central government fails to hold talks with them on April 4. He said only five per cent of the issues raised in the talks with the government had been raised and so far they had been discussed on their own. Farmers’ union leaders told reporters at the Singh border on Friday that tough decisions would be taken if the government did not provide legal guarantees for the repeal of new cultivation laws and a minimum support price. Farmer leader Vikas said dates would be announced for the closure of shopping malls and petrol banks in Haryana.

Swaraj India chief Yogendra Yadav said agitating farmers in the Shahjahanpur area on the Rajasthan-Haryana border would also move towards Delhi. Another leader, Yudveer Singh, warned that a tractor march would be held on the 6th if the government did not accept their demands during the seventh round of talks on April 4. It is learned that the central government on Wednesday held six rounds of talks with farmers after about three weeks. The two sides reached a consensus on two of the four demands included in the farmers’ agenda. However, it is known that the key demands of the farmers were the repeal of the laws and the postponement of the discussion on the issues related to the minimum support price to the 4th.

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