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Until Easter “things should stay as they are”, says Lacerda Sales


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The Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales

The Secretary of State for Health, António Lacerda Sales, admitted, in an interview to SAPO24, that mistakes were made since the beginning of the pandemic and defended that until Easter “things should stay as they are”.

One year after the first positive cases of covid-19 were detected in Portugal and at a time when the country, which already has more than 16 thousand deaths associated with the coronavirus, regains some stability with regard to the number of daily cases , António Lacerda Sales says he is “happy” because of the “hope” recovered with the latest confinement.

“I would say that, at this moment, we have a confinement with hope. This is what we are investing in, this is what all Portuguese people are investing in right now, in being able to have a day like that August 3rd, as soon as possible ”, said the Secretary of State for Health in statements to the SAPO24, referring to the day he was thrilled at a press conference when he announced that there was no death by covid-19 to register. Since then, seven months later, it has never happened again.

Lacerda Sales assumes that mistakes were made and that the Government did not do “all right”, considering, however, that there has been a “Proper pandemic management” and that “the Portuguese perceive this”.

“The Government, like all governments in Europe, makes decisions based on what is the most consolidated information possible and that which is the most scientific evidence possible. All governments have to manage the pandemic in this scenario of uncertainty because this pandemic does not include an instruction manual, ”he said.

“In any case, we did our learning”, continued the government official, explaining that the deflation should not happen before Easter.

“Easter, like Christmas, is always a time of great social mobilization. We must avoid them (…) At this stage, things must remain as they are at this moment ”, he said.

In addition to avoiding the Easter gatherings, only deconfining in a gradual and phased manner, with a “massive” and “massive” testing strategy is that it will be possible to regain some normality.

Lacerda Sales also guaranteed that the testing capacity did not decrease, the number of contagions fell: “We are the seventh country that tests the most in Europe, we have more than eight million tests carried out in the country, we test more than 780 thousand population”.

even though confident in the vaccination process, and in the recovery of the delay caused by the falls in the production of vaccines, the government official warned that soon life will not return to the old normal.

“I think this is still a long way off, because even after vaccination we have to realize that we have to maintain a set of rules: mask, hygiene, alcohol gel, physical distance … All this learning we will have to maintain even after we are vaccinated, because we have to think about others ”, he shot.

Asked about the possibility of replacing the Minister of Health, one of the most scrutinized elements throughout the pandemic, Lacerda Sales rushed to defend Marta Temido: “The Minister of Health is an excellent Minister of Health. Above all, for her great capacity for work”.

“I am ambitious to collaborate with the minister, in a cohesive manner, to carry out this perception,” said the minister, admitting, however, that he will never refuse anything the country asks of him.

I will never refuse anything that my country asks of me. I will never refuse anything at any level of public mission ”, he concluded.

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