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Revealed by Biden Advisor Andy Salvit

Washington: There is good news for the American people from the White House. The White House said Monday it would soon make rapid test kits available to make corona virus testing easier at home. A total of 85 lakh testing kits will be procured. We have signed a $ 321.8 million contract with the Australian company Elum to manufacture testing kits. Do you have a corona virus in your body within minutes with these kits? Or not? That said, you can find out.

Over the past year, many medical professionals and scientists have come up with cheap, fast detection kits that can detect and prevent the spread of the virus, officials said. He said that if anyone has corona features, they can use these which are available at cheap prices. The Home Corona virus testing kit was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on December 15. However, only a limited number of these kits have been available since then. Andy Salvit, a senior adviser to US President Joe Biden and leading the Kovid 19 Response Team, said the corona could be easily traced with kits made of alum.

He said the Corona testing price currently ranges from $ 100 to $ 200, and if the kit becomes fully available, the price will drop to $ 30. He said in an interview with the Washington Post that the price of kits would fall further if production increased further. Alumni CEO Sean Parsons, meanwhile, said the test kits would be heavily manufactured. It has been informed that a plant will be set up in the US soon for the manufacture of these.

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