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Effective April 1 .. Retirement age increased to 61 years

Hyderabad: It seems that CM KCR has said sweet words to the job seekers and teachers in Telangana. Representatives of the job, teacher and gazetted officers’ unions said the chief minister had promised to implement a two per cent fitment (pay revision) more than the AP.

While 27 per cent Interim Remuneration (IR) is in force in AP, KCR seems to have agreed to the suggestion of giving 29 per cent fitment, two per cent more in Telangana. Information that KCR has decided to implement the fitment irrespective of the recommendation of the Pay Commission. The Pay Amendment Commission has recommended a 7.5 per cent fitment for job seekers and teachers. All the communities were outraged. In response, the government seems determined to implement the pay revision regardless of the commission’s recommendation.

Chief Minister KCR had a meeting with the job and teacher unions from noon to evening at Pragati Bhavan yesterday. Representatives of the unions said they had assured the CM that the fitment would be discussed on the occasion. In addition, KCR has also clarified that the new pay revision will come into effect from April 1. According to the unions, KCR has promised to repatriate Telangana employees in AP, raise the retirement age to 61 years and implement a pension scheme for the families of 2003-04 CPS employees.

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