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Increased wallpaper congestion

Heavy traffic jam at Patangi Toll Plaza

Hyderabad: Many people set off in their own vehicles to celebrate the festival in their cradles during Sankranthi. In the suburbs, RTA officials began inspections of vehicles. This caused severe disruption to vehicular traffic.

Due to the Sankanti, all the people of the city went to the villages. Traffic congestion has increased on the Hyderabad-Vijayawada National Highway. Due to the vehicles heading towards Vijayawada, there was heavy congestion at the Patangi toll gate.

The Chautauqua Zone was hit by a heavy traffic jam at the Patangi Toll Plaza. All the residents of Andhra Pradesh who have settled in Hyderabad have to go through this tollgate. This increased the traffic on the road. Large numbers of people are moving in their own vehicles to their hometowns for the festival.

This caused traffic at the Toll Plaza. Bus stands and railway stations are jam-packed with passengers heading to the cradles for the Sankranthi festival. RTC officials said special buses from NGBS and JBS bus stands went to the districts.

People are suffering due to the unavailability of adequate buses.

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