Vaartha Online Edition Cheli Happy Cookies-Variety of Recipes


Variety recipes

The children stay close to home with Corona. The new year is also coming. They need to do something .. Have fun making biscuits .. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone ate happily. Give it a try.

Wheat cookies

Brown cookiesకీ

Wheat flour – half a cup, melted ghee / butter – 3 tbsp salt – pinch, sugar / ginger powder – 2 tbsp, vanilla essence
Spoons of banana

Method of preparation: – Take a pressure cooker or an old one with a thick foot. – Add salt or sand as a layer and place the stand on it

  • First heat the cooker on a large flame for ten minutes. – In a bowl add melted ghee, sugar or jaggery powder, vanilla essence, salt, mix well, add wheat flour, mix well, put in the fridge and refrigerate for ten minutes.
  • Take out the mixture, make it equal in size and roll it by hand (if desired, you can draw the design with the help of a fork) – Apply ghee or butter to the aluminum pan. – Cookies made and kept should be kept at a distance
  • Reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes. – Remove the cooker lid after ten minutes. –
  • Carefully remove the cookies and carefully dry them on something like a grill – store the fully cooked cookies in an airtight container.

Carrot Apple Cookies

Carrot Apple Cookies
Carrot Apple Cookies

Ingredients: Maidapindi – 2 cups, baking powder – 1 teaspoon, salt – 1 teaspoon, ginger – 1 teaspoon, nutmeg powder – 1 tsp, butter (unsalted) – 30 cups, sugar – half a cup, brown sugar – 1 cup , Egg-1, vanilla essence – half a teaspoon, carrot grater – cup, apple grater – half a cup.

Preparation: In a bowl add flour, baking powder, salt, ginger paste, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder and mix well. In another bowl, add butter, sugar, brown sugar and stir for another two minutes. – Add chicken egg and mix well, add vanilla essence and mix well.

Finally add the flour mixture and mix slowly to make the mixture soft and firm. – Add the carrot grater and apple grater to the rubber spoon and mix well. – Cut into rounds and place in a preheated cooker on a low flame for about twenty minutes.

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