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For 12,039 families, the equivalent of an insurance claim of Rs. 254
Deposit of crores

CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy launches YSR insurance plan online

Amaravati: State Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the YSSAR insurance scheme has been launched with the view that if a person earning in the family dies due to unforeseen circumstances, that person will stand by the family as a humane government. On Wednesday, state chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy from the Thadepalli camp office handed over a sum of Rs. 254
Crores were credited to the beneficiary’s accounts online via video conference.

On this occasion the Chief Minister said how important and necessary insurance is especially in the family
When something happens to the earning person, when the family is in a precarious situation, even if the family is unable to bring the man back, at least for the needs of the family as a humane government, it would be better if the family could do any program that would not cause trouble.

Because the banks did not enroll them even though they were eligible for the YSSAR insurance scheme and were eligible for the remaining conditions other than enrollment in the banks.
The state government today said it would pay those claims to the families of 12,039 people who died unfortunate in the wake of the government remaining unenrolled in the banks even after the premium was paid to the banks.

Central assistance can be fully insured in a way that is not available anywhere in the country from a humanitarian standpoint, even without a single rupee
All the government is willing to bear the entire cost and pay the premium to the banks
Was done.

The insurance premium was paid by the state government to the banks on October 21 last year
The premium was paid in full at about Rs 510 crore. If eligible and even left
Call troll free number 155214 and register without hesitation. Of the families of the deceased
May good things happen to individuals, may God’s grace be upon those families, and may good things happen
Want. Then the Chief Minister pressed the button on the computer and asked for insurance compensation
Has been released.

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