Vaartha Online Edition Highlights – Opposition Walkout..Rajya Sabha Adjournment


New Delhi: Parliament ‘budget’ meetings are in progress. The Rajya Sabha began at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Chairman Venkaiah Naidu started the question and answer session after the address. At the same time, however, members of the opposition raised concerns in the House. They chanted slogans in support of foodgrains, demanding a discussion on farmers’ concerns. That demand was rejected by Chairman Venkaiah Naidu.

He said the issue of farmers would be discussed in the Rajya Sabha from tomorrow. In his speech, President Ram Nath said that he had spoken about farmer’s concerns and that in fact the issue would be taken up in the House today, but that the issue would be discussed in the Lok Sabha first. He said that the cultivation laws had been discussed in the House in the past and were giving false signals that the discussion had not taken place. The meeting was adjourned till 11.30 am due to chaos. Earlier, TMC leader Sukhendu Shekhar Roy had said that the cultivation bills were of national importance and should be fully discussed.

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