Vaartha Online Edition Highlights – Swapan Dasgupta resigns from Rajya Sabha


Swapan sent resignation letter to chairman

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Swapan Das Gupta has resigned from his Rajya Sabha seat. While he was in office till 2022 .. he resigned earlier for the Bengal elections. To this end he sent his resignation to the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. He also posted on Twitter about his resignation. He tweeted that he had resigned from the Rajya Sabha to fight for a better Bengal. He said he would be nominated as a BJP candidate from Tarkeshwar in the next few days.

“I have a status in the Rajya Sabha as a presidential nominee. However, I am contesting the Bengal elections as a BJP candidate. I am descending into the ring from Tarkeshwar. Most problems with this come naturally. They are becoming a barrier to nomination. I will resolve all those issues by the time of nomination. Nomination has not been submitted yet. I will file the nomination on Thursday or Friday, ”he said.

However, in 2016, President Pranab Mukherjee tweeted that Swapan Das Gupta had been nominated for the Rajya Sabha and is now contesting the Bengal elections on behalf of the BJP, which is unconstitutional as per the 10th Schedule of the Constitution. He demanded a disqualification hunt on Rajya Sabha membership.

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