Ventura withdraws political confidence from Chega’s deputy in the Azores


Manuel de Almeida / Lusa

The leader of Chega, André Ventura, announced today that he had withdrawn political confidence from the president of the regional leadership in the Azores, Carlos Furtado, advancing that the fellow deputy no longer represents the party in the Regional Assembly.

“The national leadership of Chega decided to withdraw political confidence from Congressman Carlos Furtado. As of today, as soon as ratified by the entire national leadership of the party under the terms of the statutes, the deputy Carlos Furtado will no longer represent Chega in the Azores”, said Ventura at a press conference in Ponta Delgada.

André Ventura also said he hopes that Carlos Furtado, who this morning was at the Regional Legislative Assembly of the Azores, in Horta, Faial Island, will resign as a deputy.

“When the party that elected us no longer trusts us as agents of this will, I think there is no other serious way, if we are in this seriously and without dependence on political life, to resign from our political office,” he pointed out.

Ventura also expressed his intention to meet with the President of the Government of the Azores, Jose Manuel Bolieiro (PSD/CDS-PP/PPM), to assess the regional governance solution.

“I can’t even be sure what the future will be in relation to Chega and support for the Regional Government. At the moment when I am talking to you, the support of Chega to this government solution is definitely not compromised, even though it continues in many points to leave several questions”, he said.

The national leader of Chega also criticized the “excessive subservience” of the party to the PSD in the Azores in recent months.

André Ventura said that the resignation of Carlos Furtado from the regional direction will lead to “probably” to internal elections in the future, but defended that this electoral act “cannot take place” before the municipal elections.

“The national board will provisionally establish an executive committee, in articulation with the regional board, so that the municipal process in the Azores is not compromised,” he added.

Chega/Azores elected two deputies to the Regional Legislative Assembly: Carlos Furtado and José Pacheco.

The Government of the Azores, a coalition in the PSD/CDS-PP/PPM, is supported in parliament by the parties that make up the executive and by the Liberal Initiative and by Chega.

Carlos Furtado said on Tuesday, in the presence of André Ventura, that he was unable to continue leading the party in the region, referring to being under a “great emotional burden”.

Today, André Ventura said he was “surprised” by Furtado’s public announcement and revealed that he had accepted the resignation of the deputy and regional leader of the party.

Furtado said on Tuesday that he was accusing “very tired”, since the “last months” have been “extremely exhausting”.

“At this moment, I cannot, in any way, involve more people in the Chega project, until I realize that there are conditions for these people to be in the party without being messed up”, he pointed out.

In a balance of regional parliamentary activity, Carlos Furtado assumed that the party’s work has been “below their own expectations”.

“I recognize that I would like to do better. I’m sure the Azorean people wanted more from Chega”, he pointed out.