Viral: Thieves are thieves, this ‘good thief’ .. would have gone for theft and got stuck like this.! – Burglar Gets His Head Stuck In Railing For Three Hours Shock To People


Viral News Latest: What do those who usually come for theft do ..? Choose the right way to get to the house he wants to go to.

Viral Burglar

Viral News Latest: What do those who usually come to steal do ..? Will he choose the right way to go to the house he wants to rob and rob Andinakadi ..? But here a thief strangely tries to get inside in a way that no one has chosen and gets stuck. The incident took place in Mexico. What has happened so far ..

A thief who went to rob a house found himself trapped. His head got caught in the railing. Surprisingly, he could not get out of it for almost three hours. Some of the locals who were staying there saw the thief and informed the emergency services so they reached the scene and with great difficulty removed the thief’s head from the railing.

‘This is how the thief was fired’

Emergency service personnel cut the railing with a cutter. On the most difficult of occasions, the thief was taken out of there and later arrested by the police. The incident took the people there by surprise. Has gone viral on social media.

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