War in the TRS party .. split into two factions


Prime Time Zone Spokesperson, Rangareddy: Bandlaguda Jagir Municipal Corporation Public Representatives Panchayat Road in the district. The panchayat is mainly run by ruling party leaders. Both the mayor and the deputy mayor are TRS. However, due to the lack of consensus between the two, the corporators split into two factions. Of the total 22, 16 are corporators and 18 are members of the ruling party, including two ex-Ashio members. The mayor has two corporators and two ex-officio members. There are 14 corporators on the side of the deputy mayor. The deputy mayor’s group recently complained to the collector that the mayor was committing corruption and irregularities. As a counter to that, the mayor put on a press meet and challenged the deputy mayor. In this way, the two factions are competing like you and me. They are stabbing each other. Allegations are being made without even counting the party rules.

Split into social groups?

The government converted Bandlaguda Jagir from a gram panchayat into a corporation. In this order the people blessed the TRS and tied the highest positions. However, Mahendra Gowda was elected mayor as the mayor. The deputy mayor alleges that since the formation of the governing body the mayor has been adopting a regulatory attitude of ignoring the corporators. Mandi says they are making resolutions without consulting themselves. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the complainant. The deputy mayor was backed by opposition party leaders along with other corporators. With this, the propaganda spreads that they are divided into social groups. While MLA Prakash Goud supports the mayoral category, there are rumors that Minister Sabita Indrareddy is supporting the deputy mayoral category.

Is it to bring down the mayor ..?

The deputy mayor alleges that the mayor is making arbitrary decisions with the help of local MLAs. The party is campaigning on why it will not reprimand the corporators if they do not have the support of the MLAs. The deputy mayor’s group says the mayor has no qualms about backing down on corruption. The mayor category responds at the same level. It remains to be seen whether the party will assert its supremacy and put full staff into the issue or continue.

MLA efforts for talks ..

It is learned that MLA Prakash Goud had secret talks with the Deputy Mayor. Information that it is not right to stay in the ruling party and complain to the mayor, and to talk to party elders if there are any problems. It is rumored that the deputy mayor and the corporators have come together in support of the mayor. It seems that you have told the deputy mayor that it is up to you to respect the MLA and move forward or else waste time making similar complaints. People and party workers everywhere are eagerly awaiting what will happen with the MLA internal discussions.

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