What senators think about the pressure of Ricardo Barros to testify to the CPI of Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Committee members heard by Prime Time Zone claim that Palácio do Planalto wants to ‘stop the bleeding’ caused by deputy Luis Miranda’s complaints and interfere in the work of the collegiate

Marcelo Camargo/Brazil AgencyOitiva de Barros was initially scheduled for Thursday, 8th, but was postponed indefinitely

Since to CPI to Covid-19 postponed the testimony of the federal deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), the government leader in Chamber of Deputies has been pressing to be heard by senators. According to the deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF), who testified to the commission on May 25, when reporting abnormal pressures for the release of the import of the vaccine Covaxin at a meeting at the Alvorada Palace on March 20, the president Jair Bolsonaro he would have cited Barros as “the owner of the roll” involving the acquisition of doses. The parliamentary hearing would take place this Thursday, 8, but it was postponed indefinitely. This Sunday, 4, in a publication on social networks, he even said that the CPI could not “kidnap” his honor. For members of the committee heard by the Young pan, the Palácio do Planalto wants to “stop the bleeding” and interfere in the work of the collegiate.

In the evaluation of four senators heard privately by the report, allies of President Jair Bolsonaro want to present their versions of the purchase of Covaxin to appease the criticism that has been made in relation to possible irregularities that occurred in the Ministry of Health during the most serious health crisis in the country. history of the country. Due to the testimony of Luis Miranda and the denunciation of a request for bribery presented by the Minas Gerais Military Police corporal Luiz Paulo Dominguetti, who presented himself as a representative of Davati Medical Supply, the demonstrations against the federal government, initially planned for the end of the month of July, were anticipated and occurred this weekend.

Regarding the writ of mandamus filed by Barros, the senators of the CPI of Covid-19 expect the STF to affirm that the definition of the schedule of testimonies is a prerogative of the commission, and therefore, interference by the Judiciary is not appropriate. Among parliamentarians, the prevailing assessment is that the government leader should only be heard when there are “more elements” against the PP deputy. Therefore, this week, the collegiate will receive the server Regina Célia, appointed as responsible for overseeing the contract with Covaxin and authorizing the import of doses even in the face of irregularities pointed out by Luis Ricardo Miranda, head of import at the Ministry of Health, and former logistics director Roberto Ferreira Dias, named as one of those responsible for the pressure to release the immunizing agent.

On Friday, 2, Ricardo Barros filed a writ of mandamus in the Supreme Court (STF) asking to be heard on Thursday, 8. This weekend, in a video posted on his Twitter profile, the leader The government reinforced the request for his hearing to take place as soon as possible. “The Federal Supreme Court ordered the installation of the CPI on the pandemic. I was invited to be there on July 8th, I accepted the invitation and my speech was canceled without any justification. The CPI cannot kidnap my honor and anyone else’s. I ask the Federal Supreme Court to guarantee that I can defend my honor, say that I have nothing to do with Covaxin and that I act in the interests of Brazil. I ask the senators to accept my opportunity to defend myself”, he says on the recording.