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Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Snehamannadu .. Premannadu .. Chettapattal turned all the places where he was seen wearing. Tamed .. Intoxicated and convicted of blackmail with intimate photos. To you, to me, to say breakup .. Bekaru cut to work. The story of a young man committing blackmail with nude pictures has come to light in Chennai. According to the details revealed by the police ..

Karthi from Puducherry turns out to be Julai. Carty joined the group after his friend created a WhatsApp group a few days ago. Karthi got acquainted with a young woman in the same group. The two first chatted as friends .. met one day. Together, the two toured all the tourist destinations in Puducherry, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The two fell in love at the same time. The two took photos and videos while in close-up while on tour.

A few days after the end of the tour, Karti told the young woman to break up. Suddenly one day Karti called the young woman and insisted on fulfilling her physical desires while they were doing their work. When the young woman refused to do so, he threatened to post the photos and videos taken by the two during the tour on social media. So he took the girl to the Coimbatore bus stand and took Rs 15,000 from her and left. A few days later, she called again and threatened to submit another Rs 5,000.

Undaunted, Karti called again and demanded that he have sex with her and give her Rs 50,000. Otherwise he will blackmail you into sending photos and videos to your uncles as well as other family members. The young woman told the matter at home as Karthi’s anarchy was increasing day by day. The parents immediately lodged a complaint with the police and a case was registered and Karthi was arrested.

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