Wow .. what an idea: The farmer who turned the tractor into a bullet proof


Prime Time Zone, Web Desk: So far we have heard about bullet proof vehicles. Heard about bullet jackets. But have you ever heard of a bullet proof tractor? It’s also an ordinary farmer using modern technology to pioneer a brand new vehicle. There is a very big reason behind this difficulty. The same self-defense. A farmer named Rajendra turned his tractor bullet proof to protect himself from attacks by farmers in neighboring states.

pjimage 7 4 Wow .. what an idea: The farmer who turned the tractor into a bullet proof

It is known that there has been a water dispute on the border of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh for many years. Many people have been killed in this dispute. In the background, Rajendra was attacked by farmers from a neighboring state. The farmer came up with an innovative way to protect himself from the attack and turned his tractor into a bullet proof one. For this, Rs. Spent 5 lakhs. Inside the tractor is a CCTV camera, AC, GPS tracker lamp with all the latest technology fixed. Currently this bullet proof tractor is creating a sensation locally. However, this bullet proof tractor idea is the same .. It is only suitable for large farmers but small, thin farmers can not afford such a large amount.

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