“Yesterday it was fantastic, today it drags feet”. Salgado’s health in court


José Sena Goulão / Lusa

Ricardo Salgado’s health is deteriorating and it is felt, above all, at the level of memory, said the secretary of the former banker, Tereza Araújo, in court during the trial of the former president of Grupo Espírito Santo (GES).

Heard as a witness in the sixth session of the trial of Ricardo Salgado, in a related and separate case from Operation Marquis, the former GES employee, who worked for about 30 years as Salgado’s secretary, and who continues to provide secretarial support despite already being retired, admitted that there is a clear contrast between the past and the present of the former banker.

Yesterday was fantastic, today asked me the same thing five times. The days he’s there varies a lot, but it has nothing to do with Ricardo Salgado, whom I’ve known all my life. today drag your feet, you forget things”, said Tereza Araújo to the panel of judges.

“He is a person who feels that he is experiencing a deterioration that is advancing and in the numbers it is noticeable,” he added, noting that the 77-year-old former GES president, “lived to work”.

Tereza Araújo’s testimony comes the day after the filing of an application for the defense of Ricardo Salgado, where the lawyers argued the nullity of the order that had refused to carry out a medical-neurological expertise to the defendant.

In the document, the lawyers point out that this expertise is “a fundamental right of the defendant who imposes himself on the court”, noting that its result may bind the court to apply the suspension of the execution of a hypothetical prison sentence, under article 106 of the Penal Code.

“I know of many decisions that were taken against him”

In Tuesday’s trial session, the 71-year-old former secretary contested that the group’s management should be taken over exclusively by Ricardo Salgado, noting that the president of the GES “had so much work that it was impossible to dedicate himself to other areas.” and which focused only on the institution’s financial area.

“I am amazed that, with the job he had at the bank, he could still be taking care of all the other areas of the group. And that was a huge group”, said Teresa Araújo.

“You are de many decisions that were taken against him and he had no other choice. I received minutes of the meetings, I had been working with the Espírito Santo family for 30 years and I also heard comments, both from Ricardo Salgado and from others”, said the witness.

The same line of reasoning was followed in the following testimony by Pedro Brito e Cunha, former administrator of the Tranquilidade insurance company, which was an integral part of GES, with the witness noting that the members of the group’s superior board – to whom he reported – “they worked very collegially” enter if.

The trial of Ricardo Salgado will be resumed on october 22, with the hearings of the last witnesses: Jean-Luc Schneider, Alain Rukavina and Ricardo Gaspar Rosado de Carvalho. For that same day, the closing arguments are already scheduled.

Ricardo Salgado responds in this judgment for three crimes of breach of trust, due to transfers of more than 10 million euros in the scope of Operation Marquis, from which this process was separated.