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This Wednesday, the 8th, the program Panic it received Zoe Martinez, Cuban digital influencer. In an interview, she commented on the repercussion of the demonstrations on September 7, and stated that the clash between the president Jair Bolsonaro and the judiciary will undermine reforms and elections in the Brazil. “It was the biggest in the history of Brasilia, 400 thousand people. I hope the judiciary will come to its senses and stop usurping its powers. I see that this fight can be avoided, it will be a fight that will harm the country a lot, there are ongoing reforms, there is an election next year, it will harm a lot. I hope Alexandre de Moraes comes to his senses and says ‘Let’s talk’. They are calling Bolsonaro undemocratic, but he has to do something. If the Alexandre de Moraes it has no limits, Bolsonaro has to put limits on it. They are somehow wanting Bolsonaro not to be re-elected next year.”

Zoe also compared the current context in Brazil with Cuba, country where he was born and raised. According to her, Brazilians are slowly losing their freedom. “It’s very similar to what happens in Cuba. We are losing our freedom per slice. The left is not being censored and celebrates the censorship of the right, but eventually the censorship will come to them too, but they didn’t realize that. I’m not a Pocketnarist, I’m in favor of freedom, but who defends freedom is Bolsonaro. (…) A lot of people like that, the state taking care, the state pampering, but it’s dangerous.”

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