Zuckerberg of Facebook spends a fortune on personal security; see ranking


Going around being a billionaire shouldn’t be the easiest task. Even more so being a well-known rich person, as is the case of executives at the head of large companies in Silicon Valley — Jeff Bezos e Mark Zuckerberg, for example. In other words, investing in personal safety is inevitable for them. But exactly how much do they spend on these services? A recent survey shows that it is far from being little, with tens of millions invested in these services.

In numbers, a survey by the Protocol website showed that top executives in Silicon Valley spent, in 2020, US$46 million with personal safety on the last year. Of this amount, the fact that more than half corresponds to expenses from a single person: Mark Zuckerberg. Last year, his security spending added up. $23.4 million. The analysis was carried out considering data sent to the SEC (the “CVM” of the United States).

One factor that helps explain the amount spent by Zuckerberg is the fact that the social network is at the center of different controversies, mainly North American elections and pandemic. In a recent statement, US President Joe Biden stated that “social media is killing people with misinformation about covid-19”. Then, the Biden administration hardened the tone against big techs, calling on companies to take a more active stand against the spread of false information.

In Brazil, the tone is also one of investigation. On Thursday, the president of the CPI of Covid-19, Omar Aziz, said that the Commission can investigate companies like Google and Facebook for the role they play in disseminating information about the pandemic in the country.

Faced with such a scenario, Facebook said it had encountered “threats specifically targeted at Zuckerberg” in the last year — which also helps explain the sheer volume of security spending.

Other executives and their expenses

In the ranking, behind Zukerberg, but with a big difference in the executive’s spending, is Sheryl Sandberg, COO do Twitter, with expenses of $7.6 million safely in the last year. Thirdly, it is Sundar Pichai, CEO do Google, with an annual expense of $5.4 million. shortly after is Jeff Bezos, with $1.6 million.

Other names on the list are Lyft President John Zimmer ($2.06 million) and Larry Ellisson of Oracle ($1.71 million). At the bottom of the list is Apple’s Tim Cook, with $470,000.