After she was struck by cancer … “Watched” an impressive message by Honorary Khamis, minutes before the operation began, crying Omanis | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Omani actress, Fakhriya Khamis, appeared through a video clip she filmed for herself from inside Muscat Private Hospital, in which she talks with her followers and her fans, before entering the operating room, after suffering cancer.

Honorary Khamis and cancer

The artist Fakhrya Khamis said in the clip, which was widely circulated between the tweeters and Omani activists and was monitored by (Watan): “May God bless you with goodness, my honorable followers. From you the eye and envy, and oh Lord, 2021 will be the year of goodness, health, honesty and disease-free, O Lord of the worlds.

And the Omani artist increased, showing that she was affected, tired and exhausted: “My followers, I am now in Muscat Private Hospital, on my way to the operating room to conduct the operation.

Fakhriya Khamis added in her speech: “Thank you for the kind initiative made by the Muscat Hospital, headed by the Director of the Hospital, the Medical Director, and we will talk later about all the details.

Wide interaction of Omanis with Fakhria Khamis

Many Omani tweeters and activists interacted with the appearance of the Omani artist, wishing her continued health and wellness, and praying to God for her to come out of the process with good and safety.

Among these comments, one of the tweeters said what he said: “We ask God Almighty to make it easy for you and to crown the process with success and to heal you completely and not leave a sickness and, God willing, go out while you are in good health and wellness.”

And another tweeter said: “May God heal you and heal you from all harm, O Lord of the worlds, and my Lord blesses you with health and wellness, and preserves you for your children and your family and all of you, O God, Amen.”

Who is the Omani artist Fakhrya Khamis?

It is noteworthy that Fakhriya Khamis is an Omani actress, born in 1990, and the character “Fotun Alef” in the Kuwaiti series Al-Hayala is one of her most famous television roles, and she is the character through which she gained a large fan base.

The beginning of her entry into the artistic field was in 1974 through the Youth Theater, and through it she presented 20 national, social and historical plays.

From 1976 to 1996, the Omani artist worked in the Ministry of Information as a broadcaster for the Radio and Television of the Sultanate of Oman, presenter and preparer for many cultural programs, as well as authored radio performances.

She holds a course at the “Higher Institute for Dramatic Arts” in Cairo in 1982.

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