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KCR announces New year Gifts to the Employees of Telangana state : Prime Time Zone


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New Year’s gift to all of the employees of the government to raise wages, increase the retirement age, to start the process to replace the chief kecandrasekhar annisakhallo job to do.

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Hon. The CM announced that the pay hike would be for the benefit of all the recipients and pensioners. There will be 9,36,976 employees in Telangana, including all types of employees, and the pay hike will apply to all, the CM said. The CM said that the RTC, which has low-wage employees as well as government employees, has also decided to increase wages.

CM KCR announced that the government would bear the burden on the RTC due to the wage hike if necessary.

Chief Minister KCR said that all the employment related issues like raising the retirement age, giving promotions, making necessary transfers, designing simplified terms of service, giving all kinds of benefits to the employees on retirement day and saying goodbye with dignity and undertaking all compassionate appointments would be fully resolved by February.

The CM announced that vacancies in all the departments would be identified and the recruitment process would start from February. The Chief Minister has appointed a three-member committee comprising Finance Secretary Ramakrishna Rao as the Chief Secretary to the Government, Ramakrishna Rao as the Chief Secretary and Rajat Kumar as the Chief Secretary of the Irrigation Department to study all these issues and hold talks with the unions.

The committee will study the report received from the pay revision committee in the first week of January. There will be a meeting with the job unions on the second week. How much should the pay revision be? How much should the retirement age of employees be raised? How to create Terms of Service? What is the path to follow for promotions? What is the strategy for overcoming the current legal implications of zonal policy? The committee makes recommendations to the government on such matters. The Cabinet then meets and makes the final decision.

“The role of employees in the Telangana state movement is great. Even in the united Andhra Pradesh, the employees of the Telangana region have greatly retained the existence of Telangana under the name of TNGVO. It is expected that Telangana will definitely become a rich state if it is formed as a separate state. Then it was thought that the government could give better wages to the employees who were serving the people.

The state of Telangana came as expected. Telangana has become a rich state. The government is implementing a number of welfare programs for farmers and the poor. Many measures are also being taken for the welfare of the employees. As soon as Telangana was formed, it increased the wages of its employees with 42 per cent fitment.

Increased wages for employees, pensioners, employees of all public sector companies, outsourced employees, contract employees, low paid employees, municipal and gram panchayat staff. Now once again all of them need to raise wages. The government has decided to increase the salaries of all types of employees who are serving the government within the financial constraints of the government, ”said Chief Minister KCR.

“The TRS has promised in its election manifesto that it will raise the retirement age for government employees. The government is committed to this. The committee of officers will discuss with union leaders how to raise the retirement age. The government will then take a decision, ”KCR said.

“In a united Andhra Pradesh, every aspect of the employees was tangled. Whatever was touched, there were panchayat and court cases. They continued even after the formation of the state of Telangana. The government has made many efforts, consulted many times, settled legal disputes and is now coming to a resolution on all issues. The Telangana government has paved the way for its employees to be able to perform their duties without any hassle or inconvenience.

All issues related to the employees should be resolved without any further delay. The entire process should be completed in January and February. From March, all employees should be permanently free from all kinds of problems, ”the Chief Minister directed the KCR officials.

“Promotions in the police, revenue and other departments could not be given due to the dispute with Andhra Pradesh. Now all those conflicts are resolved. So promotions should be given in all branches immediately. DPCs should be appointed immediately in all branches. Vacant posts should be filled immediately upon promotion. Clarity on how many vacancies will come after promotions are given in all government departments. The vacancies should be identified by the departments and the recruitment process should start in February, ”he said.

“Every employee should know at what point he or she will be promoted the day he or she joins the job. It should be clear what level he will go to by the time he retires. Accordingly, the Employee Service Rules should be formulated in a very simple manner. There is no such thing as piracy for promotions.No need to go to any office. The promotion order due to the employee must arrive on time. Employees should have service rules so that everything is clear about their career. The department heads in the respective departments should definitely take care of the welfare of the employees, ”the Chief Minister suggested.

“Employees have been working for the government and the people for almost 35 years. Such employees need to say goodbye with the utmost respect and have the responsibility. Anyone, from a fourth-grade employee to a department head, should be honored in the office if they retire. Take him home in a government vehicle and say goodbye with dignity.

All retirement benefits due on the day of retirement must be provided. The plight of retired employees roaming around offices for retirement benefits should not be in the state of Telangana. Top officials in all departments should take action accordingly, ”the Chief Minister said.

“It is most unfortunate that there has been a delay in the provision of employment opportunities for the family members of those who died in government employment. The grieving family does not need to roam around the offices for a job. The process of compassionate appointments should be completed immediately in all the branches across the state, ”KCR ordered.

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K C R Chief Minister of Telangana state

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