Microsoft enters into an alliance with EFG Hermes to promote digital transformation


    Partnership works to completely digitize Hermes operations

    Today, EFG Hermes launched a strategic partnership with Microsoft in the field of cloud computing aimed at accelerating the company’s digital transformation and promoting innovation in the financial services sector.

    From this standpoint, the two companies will cooperate to seize opportunities to discover the best operating models to overcome the challenges that can be faced by financial services companies. This partnership will enable EFG Hermes to grow its technology environment modernization process to enhance the experience of customers, employees and IT developers.

    The two companies will also create a secure and robust digital transformation roadmap in line with EFG Hermes’ digital strategy, which will result in a modern and more flexible information environment that contributes to increasing employee productivity. Enhancing the efficiency of developers and improving the level of customer service through the use of data analysis solutions, which helps in meeting the aspirations of customers effectively and facilitating the process of communication with them.

    In this context, Mohamed Wakil, Chief Operating Officer of EFG Hermes Holding, said, “The partnership with Microsoft comes at a time when we look to strengthen our commitment to sustainability as we invest more in cloud solutions that help us achieve the cost-efficiency of our operations, thus enhancing scalability as part of our drive towards digital transformation”.

    Wakil added, “This cooperation will also enable us to ensure that the company’s competitiveness increases and innovation is enhanced, whether it is to expand the scope to become a comprehensive one, to reduce implementation time in the market, to create flexibility in work, or to make decisions based on scientific data to be able to meet customer needs. “.

    On the other hand, Mohamed Fathy, Head of Information Technology at EFG-Hermes, said, “The financial services sector is witnessing a tremendous transformation and advancement in technology increasingly to improve business performance, reduce costs and raise efficiency. We always aspire to build a financial services institution with the standards and technologies of the future, by harnessing the integrated capabilities of cloud technology. Fathi added, “Increasing the flexibility of


    The article Microsoft enters into an alliance with EFG Hermes to promote digital transformation was written in Al Borsa newspaper.