Scandal Model Rose .. I had this drink and forgot to wear “pants” A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi model, Model Rose, caused a sensation after this time she carried on her rudeness and appeared without “pants” in her latest video.

Moodle Rose is sparking controversy

Model Rose published a video on “Snapchat”, spotted by “Watan”, holding an energy drink and then putting it on suddenly and dancing, and at first glance she appears in a wide T-shirt that covers it completely, and suddenly it turns out that she is without “pants”, and she wears underwear only, and begins to dance indifferent Boldly.

Angry reactions to what Moodle Rose did

Activists expressed their shock at her boldness and said that she may have been so excited that she forgot to wear pants, and one of them wrote: “In a hurry, imagine Snap and forget the pants.”

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Another commented: “Do they not repent to God?”

One of the observers confirmed that he felt disgusted by her appearance without clothes, and that he was vomiting and wrote: “Ya Tarash”.

I am sexy and I know

A few days ago, Model Rose published a group of photos through “Instagram”, during which she appeared, as usual, in bold clothes that reveal more than she covers and commented: “I am sexy and sexy and I know that.”

Activists ridiculed Moodle Rose’s self-confidence, especially since it is not that beautiful and attractive, as they put it, and said that she only intended to arouse and nude in order to draw attention to her.

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Earlier, Rose caused a stir on social media with a crazy dance with her boyfriend, where they appeared together dancing on the famous Spanish song Bella Shaw.

Rose is known for her hardcore clips

Rose, who was famous for her sexually explicit clips and photos, appeared dancing madly under dim lights, amid the loud voices of her laughter.

And the model had previously aroused public ridicule by showing her buttocks and chest under the pretext of exercising and being fit.

Muscle exercise

The model appeared in a video at the time performing an exercise for the full muscles of the body, she said, during which she wore sports “shorts” and a sports bra as well, and began by supporting her feet on the wall and jumping in a reverse manner, which made her chest exposed in a scandalous way, in addition to the position of her buttocks, which deliberately highlighted them.

The Saudi fascistista Rose does not cease to provoke controversy with her scandalous clips and nudity in order to gain followers in a cheap, vulgar manner, exposing her to a sharp attack.

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