10% of police officers support the wide release of firearms to the population, shows yearbook – Prime Time Zone


Even without broad support from officers, the number of legal weapons in the hands of civilians doubles in Brazil

PixabayThe broad release only receives support from 17% of Firefighters and this is the highest rate in the security categories

Only 10% of police officers support the broad release of firearms for the population. Arms policy is one of the main banners of the government of Jair Bolsonaro. More than six thousand police officers were consulted in a survey for the 2020 Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security. About 73% agree with the use of weapons by civilians, but advocate restrictions. Already 16% declare themselves completely against the arms policy and only 10% are in favor of the widespread release of firearms to the population. For the survey, agents of the Military, Civil, Federal, Criminal, Highway police, in addition to the Fire Department and Municipal Guard were heard.

The broad release only receives support from 17% of Firefighters and this is the highest rate in the security categories. Less than 7% of PMs and 9.4% of Civil Guard agents are adept at full release. There are more security agents who defend the prohibition of the possession or possession of firearms by civilians: 50% of highway policemen are totally against arming the population and 29% of federal agents also demonstrated against civilian weaponry. Among PMs, the data drops to 13.5% — still higher than the number of those who advocate broad release. The report points out that there are currently more than 2.077 million weapons with the civilian population. Last year alone, 186,071 records were filed with the Federal Police. The total is 97% higher than the weapons registered in the previous year. The number of long weapons, such as carbines, shotguns and rifles, has doubled from one year to the next.

In all states, there was an increase in applications for gun registration. The biggest jump was in the Federal District: there were 35 thousand registered firearms in 2017, last year there were already more than 236,000 active registrations. The growth was 562% in three years. In 11 units of the federation, the number of new weapons has more than doubled in those years. The champions in statistics were Paraíba, Amapá and Rondônia. In Rio de Janeiro, the number of registration requests increased by 67%. And a surprise: São Paulo had the lowest rate of purchase and registration of new weapons, with 28.7%. The Yearbook also brings data on violence. The presence of firearms in murders has grown. They were used in 72% of the nearly 48,000 homicides in 2019. In 2020, they were in 78% of the 50,000 murders. The increase in violent deaths in the period was 4.8%.

*With information from the reporter Victor Moraes