11-year-old boys drown in a lake on the east side of São Paulo – Prime Time Zone


Fire brigade was called on the night of Monday, 15, for occurrence in Cidade Tiradentes but found the two children dead

Google Street View / Reproduction / 15.02.2021Drowning was recorded in a lake on Rua Inácio Monteiro

Two 11-year-old boys drowned in a lake in the neighborhood of City Tiradentes, in the East Zone of São Paulo, on the night of this Monday, 15. According to the Fire Department, the boys drowned in the water body located near 6300 Rua Inácio Monteiro. The teams were called to the scene around 8.50 pm and three vehicles were sent to help the victims, who have already been found dead. One of the children was removed from the water by residents before the vehicles arrived and the other was rescued by the military. The children’s identity was not revealed.