24 hours at home like a suitcase


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Is it possible to be in a small house like a suitcase? The real guess is .. does it feel cramped! How can you at least keep your legs in place? No wonder the question arises. But American YouTuber Ryan Trahan set a record by living for 24 hours on ‘the smallest airbnb in the world’.

Ryan, who has already impressed netizens worldwide with his numerous challenges, is once again on a rampage. Ryan’s videos have now gone viral on the internet. When it comes to the latest record .. Ryan who challenged to live for 24 hours in the world’s smallest 25 square feet size ‘Air BNB’ .. has recently achieved what he thought and surprised the netizens. His friends bring pizzas and coffee for Ryan .. He enjoys eating at that tiny house so much .. It sounds so funny to knock on the door of that buzzy house to disturb his friends Ryan. Even in such a small house, it is a privilege to have a stove, lights, toilet and mini windows.

While Ryan .. sharing a ten minute video of his rate feat on social media saying ‘I can’t believe I was in this little house for 24 hours. I am so Assam ‘. ‘This is the next level Ryan .. Only you can achieve this feat, this is the best video of all the videos you have made. What a rare feat, you have to complete more challenges like this’, his fans commented.

If you do not move for a while, you will get cramps in all the legs, such as .. Legs bent, the head does not move at all, the whole body to move for 24 hours is a really rare feat. Khudos to Ryan.