6.9 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico; see videos – Young Pan


Tremors were felt in Mexico City; so far there are no reports of deaths or property damage caused by the earthquake

EFE / Mario GuzmánFamilies were forced to leave their homes in some regions

an earthquake of 6.9 degrees of magnitude was felt on Tuesday and caused alarms to be triggered in the Mexico City, capital do Mexico, with no deaths or property damage reported to date. The occurrence was confirmed by National Seismological Service of Mexico. The tremor occurred at 8:47 pm (local time, 10:47 pm Brasília time), originating 14 kilometers southeast of Acapulco, in the state of Guerrero, according to a preliminary report by the National Seismological Service. Due to the earthquake, families living in the Acapulco region were forced to leave their homes. On social networks, several records of the occurrence were shared. Check out some videos: