A malfunction in an ark led to a race to give 1600 vaccines



Queue for access to vaccines

After a refrigeration problem threatened the viability of more than 1,600 doses of vaccines against covid-19, hospitals in Seattle called people on social media to come and take them as soon as possible.

The authorities guarantee that they did their best to give the vaccines to the people who were scheduled for the priority vaccination. This means that they have tried to collect high-risk health workers, residents and household staff, as well as people aged 65 and over.

“URGENT: We have 588 first doses of Moderna, bookings available from January 28 at 11 pm to January 29 at 2 am ”, published on Twitter the Swedish Hospital, around 11 pm with a link to the appointments, limiting them to people in high priority groups, already authorized to receive the vaccine.

According to Público, in several places, workers called union leaders, the police and firefighters, in an effort not to waste doses.

Throughout the night, professionals and volunteers from one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in Seattle, the Swedish Health Services, rushed to administer hundreds of doses of the coronavirus vaccine, which would expire early in the morning, after a malfunction in a freezer.

In the last injections, health professionals and volunteers ran out into the street on a cold night. They even vaccinated a person through a car window, he said. Kevin Brooks, the chief of operations who helped coordinate the process at the clinic at the University of Seattle.

Faced with expiring vials, health professionals distribute doses of vaccines at high speed, sometimes to whomever they find.

Not final, none of the more than 1600 doses that would soon expire in Seattle have been missed, health officials said, after a fight that showed both the enormous pressure on those who immunize millions of Americans and the hope that these doses of vaccine bring.

The last vaccines were given around 3:45 am in the middle of the street.

Everyone who received the vaccines during the night will also have access to second doses, regardless of their priority, officials said.