A man is attacked and has a swastika drawn on his forehead in MG – Prime Time Zone


According to the Civil Police of Minas Gerais, the victim was referred for medical care, but no witnesses were found to help in the investigations.

reproductionCase is being investigated by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais

One 48 year old gay man was attacked and assaulted by a group of four people who drew a swastika, main symbol Nazi, on his forehead last Tuesday, 13. The episode took place in the city of Itaguara, in Minas Gerais. A Civil police from the State confirmed the occurrence and informed that after the attack, the victim was referred to medical care in the city. However, the police say that, in principle, there are no witnesses to help with the investigation of the case. “Investigative work is underway to investigate the circumstances, motive and authorship of the crime”, says the note sent by the authorities. The case was registered as “bodily injury” is being investigated by the 9th Civil Police Precinct in Itaguara. THE Young pan questioned the Civil Police about the occurrence of homophobia and apology for Nazism in the case, but has not received an answer so far.