A man who denied help to the pregnant woman is arrested in Bahia; mother and baby died – Young Pan


Pregnant woman had seizures during labor, but was not helped by her partner; suspect attributed the woman’s malaise to ‘the master’s work’ and buried the newborn’s umbilical cord in the backyard

Disclosure / SSP of BahiaIn addition to responding for failure to help, the man will also respond for procedural fraud

A man was arrested this Friday, 23 for denying help to a woman pregnant. The case took place in São Miguel das Matas, city of Bahia. The suspect was the victim’s partner, who entered into labor. According to information from the Public Security Department, the woman began to have convulsions during the birth of the child, but was not rescued by her partner. Delegate Felipe Ghiraldelli said that in addition to denying help, the man would have buried the newborn’s umbilical cord in the backyard. “He said that the woman’s discomfort would be ‘the master’s doing’ and he didn’t help her until his father arrived at the property and called the police,” explained Ghiraldelli, responsible for the arrest in the act. In addition to answering by default socorro, the subject, whose identity was not revealed, will also answer for procedural fraud, “for having cleaned the place to erase traces” of the episode. The mother and baby could not resist.