A “meat-eating” bacterium is causing Florida deaths – ZAP


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ibrio vulnificus bacteria

The bacterium is most present in seawater in warm areas and has killed 125 people in the US state since 2008.

At least eight people have died this year in Florida from an infection caused by the bacteria species. Vibrio vulnificus, according to the official numbers. This is the highest number of deaths recorded in the US state since 2018, when nine people died from the same infection. IFL Science.

Florida Department of Health data from early September show that there have been 20 cases of the infection and since 2008 the bacteria has killed 125 people. The last death was confirmed on Friday.

The species of water-based bacteria causes necrotizing face, a “flesh-eating” infection that spreads quickly, causing tissue death. Necrotizing fasciitis can cause sepsis – an immune system response that can be fatal. Fortunately, infection is rare.

A Vibrio vulnificus is related to cholera, as both are gastrointestinal infections. associated with undercooked seafood, known as Vibrio genus. V. vulnificus it is commonly found in warm marine waters, as is the case in Florida, and can also cause dangerous infections when they come into contact with open wounds.

This contact with wounds is fatal in one in five people and when it enters the blood, the Infection mortality rate jumps to half. Symptoms include fever, chills, low blood pressure, skin lesions, redness, swelling and pain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding salty or brackish water when you have a wound or recent surgery or tattoo. Wound dressing is also advised when handling raw or undercooked seafood and washing the wounds with soap and water should there be contact.

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