Afghan refugee sentenced to life in prison for stab attack in Sweden – Young Pan


22-year-old man shot seven people with gun in May; all victims survived, but the man had the highest sentence allowed by the local court

Eksjö District Court / Creative CommonsAfghan sentenced to Sweden’s highest court sentence

A 22-year-old Afghan refugee was sentenced on Tuesday, 14, to spend the rest of his life in prison for committing an attack on stab that reached 7 people in the Sweden in March. The sentence for the crime that took place in Vetlanda, the second largest city in the European country, did not consider the crime committed by Tamin Sultani as a terrorist act, but as seven assassination attempts. He used the 22cm melee weapon to attack seven men, three of whom were at risk of death, but all survived. After the crime, the suspect was shot and chased by police for nearly 20 minutes before being arrested. He had entered the country as a refugee in 2016 and applied for asylum. He claimed he couldn’t get a job in the country, just a few internships. When his temporary residence permit ran out, he could no longer work or study.

During the trial, the suspect confessed to only three of the attacks and said he did not remember any other attacks, but said he “takes the victims’ word for it.” Lawyers even claimed that Tamin had psychological problems, but nothing was detected in the evaluations he was submitted to. Despite being considered a “life sentence”, the life sentence, the most serious form of judicial punishment in Sweden, does not have a fixed term of sentence. The Eksjo District Court, where Tamin was convicted, ordered him to be deported back to Afghanistan after serving the prison time deemed necessary for the country. Monthly assessments must be performed to define this moment.