After Bolsonaro’s live, Gilmar Mendes says that printed vote is ‘small talk’ – Prime Time Zone


In a virtual event in which the president of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, Minister of the STF, also participated, he stated that the impression of the vote ‘would not eliminate the fraud’, because proof ‘has already been through the program’ of the electronic voting machine

Nelson Jr./SCO/STFStatement was given this Friday, 30, at a virtual event promoted by the Legal Consultant (Conjur)

During the week, the president Jair Bolsonaro promised to present evidence that there was fraud in the elections through the electronic voting machines in his weekly live. On Thursday night, the 29th, however, he backed off, admitted that he could not prove anything, spoke only of evidence and attacked the minister Luis Roberto Barroso, who presides over the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). Hours after the transmission of the head of the federal Executive, the minister Gilmar Mendes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), said the discussion about the print vote is “bullshit”. “This idea that, without a printed vote, we cannot have elections or we are not going to have credible elections, in fact, perhaps hides some kind of underlying intention, which is not good”, said the dean of the Court. “Let’s stop some small talk. Of course, we are all in favor of the audibility of the urn, and it is auditable”, added the minister.

The magistrate gave the statements at a virtual event promoted by the Legal Adviser (Conjur). At the meeting, which was also attended by the president of Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), Gilmar Mendes also questioned the solidity of the printed vote, Bolsonaro’s main flag. “The discussion about the printed vote reveals an impropriety. If we are talking about fraud in the program, the printed vote would not eliminate this fraud, because what is printed has already gone through the program”, he said. Lira, in turn, highlighted that he ran for eight elections and there is “no fact that concerns the fragility of the system or fraud”. The parliamentarian of the PP also stated that the PEC, authored by MEP Pocketnarista Bia Kicis (PSL-DF), should be defeated in the special commission that analyzes the matter – the vote on the report by deputy Filipe Barros (PSL-PR) is scheduled for the 5th of August. “The issue of the printed vote is being processed in the special committee, the result of the committee will impact whether this matter comes to the plenary [da Câmara] or not. In my view, everything indicates that it is not”, he evaluated.

As Young Pan showed, commission members believe the proposal will be rejected by a “safe margin”. This is what Federal Deputy Fábio Trad (PSD-MS) says. À reportagem, ele estimou que o relatório deve ser rejeitado por 24 votos a 10. Na noite desta quinta-feira, após a live de Bolsonaro, Trad foi ao Twitter comentar as declarações do presidente da República. “As a senior member of the PEC Special Committee on the Print Vote, I must admit – out of loyalty to you – that before President Bolsonaro’s live today, I was convinced to vote no to the PEC, but after the live I became more still convinced,” he wrote. The rejection of the proposal also occurs in the government’s base parties. A little over a month ago, presidents of 11 acronyms, including Valdemar Costa Neto, from PL, and Ciro Nogueira, from Progressistas, closed an issue against the change in the country’s voting system. The understanding triggered a movement of subtitles, which changed the representatives appointed to the collegiate that analyzes the text.