After Bolsonaro’s veto, Caiado announces the distribution of tampons in Goiás – Prime Time Zone


Governor is one of the few state managers allied with the Planalto Palace; decision of the president of the republic was widely criticized and should be overturned in Congress

Alan Santos/PRAmong all the governors, Caiado is one of the few allies of the Planalto Palace

One day after the president’s veto Jair Bolsonaro to the bill that establishes the free distribution of absorbents women to low-income students, people living on the streets or extremely vulnerable, the Governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado (DEM), announced this Friday afternoon, 8, that the state’s public network will provide intimate hygiene items. Among all state managers, Caiado is one of the few allies of the Palácio do Planalto. “Our girls are running away from class because they cannot afford a tampon. Situations like this cannot be a reason to unbalance their lives. I have already ordered the Education Secretary and the Social Development Secretary to do this for all students in the public network and women in social vulnerability”, says Caiado in a video posted on her social networks.

As Young Pan showed, Bolsonaro’s veto, which is expected to be overthrown by Congress, was criticized by lawmakers from various parties. Also on Friday, the leader of the PSDB in the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo de Castro (MG), stated that the toucans will vote to make the decision of the president of the Republic ineffective. To supporters, the country’s representative said that he was “forced to veto” because the project, authored by federal deputy Marília Arraes (PT-PE), did not present the funding source. However, the text provided for the use of funds destined for the Unified Health System (SUS). “In Congress, we worked and won the union of parliamentarians from all parties. We debated, studied and negotiated, including with the government base, so that everything was done correctly and we pointed out the sources from which the funds would come. This veto is an act of extreme misogyny, disconnection from reality”, wrote the PT in a post on her Instagram profile.